The Doge's Palace

The Serenissima Republic Of Venice was governed by the supreme authority of the Doge who had his residence in the Doge's Palace (Palazzo Ducale).
The Doge's Palace is the place where one can visit, live and feel the Venetian magnificence in its completeness. One of the main landmarks of power, wealth and Venice itself, the Doge's Palace joins St. Mark's Square with the Bridge of Sighs (Ponte dei Sospiri).

A masterpiece of Venetian Gothic style, the Palace can be visited with the help of an expert guide through the different accessible itineraries and now through the Secret Itinerary too. You can enjoy a complete and exhaustive view of what life inside the Palace was at the time of the Venetian splendour. Now you can access rooms and halls previously forbidden to the public, secret passages and mysterious paths, and for a moment walk in Giacomo Casanova's footsteps, here he was imprisoned, from here he escaped and never returned to Venice. The visit in fact comprehends a walk through the Torture Room and the Piombi (the terrible Venetian prisons).

Inside the palace there are uncountable paintings and frescoes of famous artists, among them Veronese, Bosch, Tintoretto.

You need to book your visit to the Secret Itinerary, the tour is accompanied by a specialized guide. The visits schedule is:
In Italian language at 9.30 and 11.10
In English language at 9.55, 10.45, and 11.35;
In French language at 10.20 and 12.00.
Venice Museums Call Center for bookings and prices +39 041 42730892